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  1. http://www.luminarium.org: Access to loads of poetry, lots to read and explore
  2. https://www.bl.uk/learning/online-resources;​ Access to lots of material held by the British Library
  3. http://ntlive.nationaltheatre.org.uk/​ Details of live performances being streamed from the National Theatre archive
  4. https://www.rsc.org.uk/share-your-shakespeare  W​ays to celebrate Shakespeare.
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006qtnz 
  6. https://babelzine.co.uk/

Great stuff on Shakespeare:


British Library activities

This will give some access to audio books on Radio 4



Student Testimonials

Why should you choose English Literature and Language?

Agnieszka Gryguc

The myriad of skills you will develop:

In English Literature and Language, you get the chance to explore a range of skills and materials. You will cover a play, novels, poetry and even some spoken pieces, as well as the (arguably) best part of English – creative writing! Throughout the course, you will hone your essay-writing, analysis, creative, perception and research skills, which will prove beneficial in any course you may choose to study at university.

The chance to engage with new content:

At college, English combined students also have the chance to analyse speech in the form of adverts, transcripts of conversations and interviews in the Paris anthology. This has been an extremely fascinating experience, since it was not something that was available to us at GCSE. For example, we look at the ways people may try to manipulate or control a conversation through the questions they ask or the language they use. As a result, you may however find yourself accidentally analysing the way your friends speak…

The fantastic extra-curricular opportunities:

At Winstanley, our English department has a multitude of opportunities for every area of interest – whether you enjoy creative writing or theatre trips, we have it all! Throughout my first year at college, the English department offered: a pathway for aspiring writers; the chance to write for the Winstanley Waffle; trips to lectures by Margaret Attwood; a theatre trip to see Wuthering Heights, and visits from successful alumni writers. The opportunities we are given by the English department are outstanding and will prove useful in the course, as well as at university if you choose to apply to study an English degree!

Hannah Ridsdale

Hello, my name is Hannah and I am currently a second year studying English Literature at Winstanley College.

There is a great number of things I could talk about in regards to my experience of studying English Literature at college such as the interesting and varied types of literature studied as part of the course. In particular, my favourites were the poetry of Larkin and Duffy – two vastly different yet both talented poets who created art through their differing styles of poetry that reflected their respective cultures and societal norms –  as well as Geoffrey Chaucer’s “The Merchant’s Tale”, which initially seemed daunting yet proved to be wildly entertaining and surprisingly funny for a centuries old poem.

It was such interesting topics coupled with involved and engaging discussion in class that nurtured my love for English and thus resulted in my decision to read English Literature at degree level (luckily for me at Durham University in the coming autumn).

I felt very supported and guided by the wonderful teachers of the English department in every step of my journey – from my very first day through to my coursework and university applications – which made the long and sometimes difficult process of studying for A-levels much easier and far more enjoyable!

Nevertheless, the thing I enjoyed most about the English department was the great admiration for English that I felt during my time there. All the members of the department, from the teachers to the students shared my enthusiasm and interest for English, resulting in my own educational growth at Winstanley College as well as further nurturing what I’m sure will be a life-long love of literature.

I would greatly encourage those considering entering into the brave new world that is studying English literature at Winstanley College to do so and be all the better off for it!

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